Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brain teasers and riddles

Over the years of teaching a 4th grade Bible class on Sunday mornings I have discovered that the start of class, as the kids are entering the room, is the most challenging. They are usually full of energy ready to do “something”. Channeling that energy into an activity that doesn’t necessarily involve running, throwing, or loud voices can be difficult. I have tried many things without success until I accidently stumbled on an activity that involves their brains instead of physical activity. As they enter the room I give them a ‘brain teaser’ or ‘riddle’. For some reason that I don’t fully understand, the kids love them. I have been using the same set of riddles for about 4 years now. The kids pick up their riddle as they enter the room, sit down and start thinking. When they think they know the answer they will come up and whisper it in my ear. I didn’t design that arrangement, it just happens, year after year.

After all the students arrive, and class formally starts, we reveal the answer; at which point I collect the paper the riddles are written on and begin my lesson. They can take a riddle with them at the end of class, which most of them do to share with their family.

I have incorporated these riddles into the Class Newsletters that I have added to the CreativeLearningIdeas.com web site (Newsletters/Worksheets Heading). The Class Newsletters also have a Bible name picture puzzle, memory verse, and fun facts. These Newsletters can be used ‘as is’ or can be downloaded and modified with Word. I hope you will find these as useful as I have.

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  1. Asking the kids to silently sit in the class specially during morning hours could be a challenge , but riddles did the trick ! I'm sure all your students every morning must be going insanely eager to come to your class :)
    Here's a brainteaser , hope you like it -