Friday, December 10, 2010

It has been awhile

Some people shouldn’t blog and I’m probably one of them. For one, I’m not a person that likes to talk when I’ve run out of things to do. Second, blogging is sort of like writing letters, I have more good intentions of writing them than I do of actual letters being written. So let me talk about what is happening on the website, because that comes fairly easily.

You may have noticed a number of new games along with audio being added to existing games. The addition of audio was actually a request from a website user and I do think it adds a new dimension to them. Without boring you to much about how the games are programmed let me give you a quick overview. All of the games were originally programmed in an application called Authorware. The company that owned Authorware was bought out by Adobe and Adobe decided to drop their support of the application. The games would probably continue to function for sometime but I decided to re-program them in Flash, which is very popular on the web and hopefully will be supported for a very long time. I have been using variations of these games for many years in my fourth grade Sunday school classroom and the kids love them. There are a couple of more games that are still in Authorware and during the coming year my intent is to convert them to Flash and put them on the website.

My current project is to enhance the Bible Talks lesson guides. When I originally put out the student guides I did so in great haste and have never really been happy with them. My goal is for the enhanced versions to have a better layout to make them more useful.

As always, my “To Do” list for the website is never ending so check back often to see what I’ve gotten accomplished. Thanks for visiting.